Digital Transformation

A Merry Data Christmas

A Christmas Data Poem by Martin Erasmuson

Twas the night before Christmas, and through all the laughter
Things were a stirring, especially the data.

On spread sheets and web forms and RDBMS,
And the ones still on paper (still data no less).

And lakes filled with data of every description
And format with AI that sounds more like fiction.

IT Teams all nestled round beers and wines-red
While serverless-computing thoughts dance in their heads.

With backups all run on the servers with care
In the hope that DR isn’t needed this year.

Fingers-crossed for a digital transformation breakthrough
But where it is taking us, we don’t have a clue.

In this festive season I’m still sure of one thing,
Technology’s great; but data is king.

Where’s Wally - How to cure schizophrenic organisations – Pt 2

Where’s Wally - How to cure schizophrenic organisations – Pt 2

Last year I posted a blog ‘How to cure schizophrenic organisations’.  My proposition in that blog was that organisations, like sufferers of the neurodevelopmental disorders autism and schizophrenia; have an information-gating deficit i.e. poor processes for separating the information ‘chaff’ from the critical and important.  Everyone, from customers, staff to senior managers struggle to figure out what they should be paying attention to; and what to ignore.  There is information coming at them all at once, at the same speed, at the same volume.  It’s the information equivalent of ‘Where’s Wally’................