Fire Extinguishers and Social Media

A great article linked below by Jason Boucher about why we have fire extinguishers.  Think about it.  I have a fire extinguisher in my pantry.  I bought it hoping I’d never have to use it.

A Social Media Crisis Management Policy and Action Plan is now a critical part of your organisations Disaster Recover (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) Plans which; like the fire extinguisher, are your ‘hope for the best; plan for the worst’ plans.

And like a grease fire in your kitchen, a negative Social Media story can spread as quickly as; well; wild-fire; regardless of the facts.  An emergency response plan is you timely, reasoned, logical 'how-to' guide when you are up to your arm-pits in a fraught and typically emotional situation; rather than trying to work out what happened and what to do about it as a crisis unfolds.  To quote Kenny; there’ll be time enough for counting; when the dealing’s done.