What we do .....

At StratSim we work with change leaders who may be frustrated by the shortcomings in their existing Data Modelling, Business Process Mapping and Enterprise Architecture approaches in responding to a tsunami of information and continuously changing business environment.

StratSim utilises the innovative information-supply-chain methodology, ‘LINQ’ that harnesses those existing approaches in an easy to learn, fast to capture and simple to communicate methodology and toolset.

Unlike those domain-specific approaches, our methodology spans and pulls them together to provide the Change-Leader both a snapshot and zoom-in detail of the entire business; from cost and benefits, to bottlenecks and risks.  Where to focus attention; and what to ignore.  All wrapped up in StratSim’s straightforward framework that is easily understood and communicated between domain experts and non-technical stakeholders alike.

StratSim Ltd: Strategic Thinking – Simple Solutions


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